Tokenized Assets for beginners and

Institutional Investors

Whether you’re an experienced token holder

or just getting started, IBFL Exchange has the tools to harness the future of money.

Redefining the

investment experience

A secure way to tokenize your investment


IBFL handles your asset tokenization in all stages from conceptualization to distribution.


Everything from dividends to voting rights is coded directly into your token.


The token offering is designed to best suit your company.


Have access to the offering proceeds from  your offer as fast as 60 days


The crypto revolution

needs compliance

We believe crypto investors deserve the same

safeguards as traditional capital market. We´ve built

an environment merging blockchain technology
and finance compliance standards.


Exclusive and personalized service that guarantees high liquidity.

Trade high volumes of

cryptocurrencies with

IBFL Exchange

Price and Liquidity

Ensure better prices and liquidity in your trades.

Major Cryptocurrencies
Trade major cryptocurrencies and digital assets

Specialized Team

Exclusive service by a highly skilled and experienced team in the traditional financial and cryptocurrency markets


Your data is 100% protected and your privacy guaranteed.

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