Investing has

never been this easy

Make informed investments using crypto securities and access companies from around the world. Through a single, blockchain-enabled interface.


Interact with your



Most equity instruments require extensive paperwork and multiple middlemen. Voting or claiming dividends requires your physical presence, a lawyer and a bank. We've changed that.

With FCH, you can interact with your equity whenever you’re ready. Claim dividends, vote on resolutions or access information with just one interface.

Send and receive

tokens directly

Save costs and time with direct transfers between blockchain wallets. Send tokens to your friends, family, or business partners directly. Without the middleman.


Liquidity a click away.

Liquidate your investments easily. Feel free to use our own order book to exchange your tokens.


You're protected. Twice!

The record of your token ownership is saved on the public Ethereum network. Your claim is immutable and fully transparent. Thanks to our unique architecture, you're also protected by traditional legal documents.

​Trade equity against

real estate

In the future all kinds of ownership claims will be represented by tokens, for example, equity tokens, real estate tokens or bond tokens. You will be able to trade them directly against one another.


How it works

​​Register on the platform.

We will assign you a wallet automatically.​

Verify your personal information (KYC) to prepare your account for future investments

Browse through comprehensive investment opportunities and invest easily with ETH, BTC and True USD.


Claim dividends, vote on resolutions and more through a simple interface.


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Smart asset financing

Address venture capital, institutional and

individual investors, all at once.

FCH offerings enable you to address all kind of investors at the same time. Offer them full shareholders rights, increased liquidity, and low minimum investment ticket.

Tokenize your equity

and unlock liquidity

With FCH, you can easily tokenize shares in your company. Transfer them easily to new owners or trade on a secondary market.

​Automate dividends distribution, shareholder

resolutions & more. 

FCH's post-issuance interface lets you distribute dividends, conduct shareholder resolutions, and distribute information with just a few clicks.

Easy and quick

follow-on rounds

Need more capital? You can always conduct a private placement through our platform and issue more equity in tokenized form.

Build partnerships, not just relations

The best investors are those who actively help you grow your business. We enable you to build meaningful partnerships through a single interface.


Advanced analytics

Access advanced analytics about the profile of your investors and hone your targeting.

We will help you get there

Our dedicated team will support you throughout fundraising and beyond.

Fundraise safely

Your funds are managed safely by smart contracts and legal documents.